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Anping Xinheng Wire Mesh Fence Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of Wire Mesh fence as well as other wire mesh products in Anping, Hebei Province of China. We have professional workshops, advanced technology and a complete product quality control system. We set up quality inspection procedure, equipped with......

Wire Mesh Fence

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Road Side Fence
Prevention for road, railway, airport, residence district, seaport, garden, feeding and husbandry
Railway Side Fence
mainly used in highways, railways, and two side of bridge as the defending belt.
Residential Fence
We can produce wire mesh fences for residences and other living areas.
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Contact Information

South of Yuhua Road, Anping County,
Hebei, China
Tel: +86-318-7599006
Fax: +86-318-7599005
E-mail: sales@wiremesh-fence.cn
Website: http://www.wiremesh-fence.cn